"Over Ventura" by Andrea Vargas

Welcome to CreativityWorks Ventura County

Creativity is the lifeblood of economic prosperity, is essential to personal well-being, and is vital to helping us address the complex challenges of our times. 

CreativityWorks is working to strengthen Ventura County’s creative ecosystem and channel its potential as a catalyzer of economic and community success. This ecosystem is comprised of the activities and impacts flowing from arts & culture opportunities, creative economy businesses, and the everyday creativity that community members use in their homes, their work, and their volunteerism.

CreativityWorks is gathering a consortium of individuals to work together to expand knowledge of the breadth and impact of creativity in Ventura County and to collaborate across sectors to develop programs that:

  • Attract and Grow the Creative Sector
  • Strengthen and Circulate the Value of Arts and Culture
  • Activate and Mobilize Individual Creativity

By doing this, we believe we can make our economy stronger, our communities more vibrant and we can increase creativity in all sectors to help meet the challenges and promise of our times.

Painting: “Over Ventura” by Andrea Vargas

Forging Creative & Connected Communities