Durango Songwriters Festival in Ventura

 Even beyond the headphones and concert halls, we are surrounded by song. It colors the feel of virtually every place we do business, and it punctuates all forms of media — from ringtones to movies and everything in between. At the heart of every song that’s made you bounce in your car, hum while shopping or tear up during a commercial, is a songwriter.

That songwriter must not only master the art of composition, but also navigate the vast and dynamic industry that supports the trade. One of the most beloved and influential career opportunities for these artists, the Durango Songwriters Expo (DSE), took place in Ventura this February. The expo joins pop and country songwriting talent and industry professionals from music meccas like Los Angeles, Nashville and New York, as well as from the far corners of the United States and other countries. It was a weekend packed with music, professional insights and relationship-building, featuring industry panel discussions, feedback sessions, open mics and a Saturday night concert open to the public. But what sets the Durango Songwriters Expo apart from other industry conventions is its intimacy, and its impact.

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